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Surebet Review

SureBet is your way to profit from online sports betting, no matter the outcome – it’s the perfect betting type for those who like to stay in the middle.

For those who love betting on sporting events online, the Holy Grail is to find a way to always win and get a profit, no matter the game or the outcome. Of course, betting wouldn’t be much fun or thrilling without the element of the unknown, but it’s always nice to make sure that you can win a little bit of money in the end.

SureBet is the closest thing that a punter can have to a surefire win each and every time.


SureBet is also called arbitrage betting, and it’s a way for punters to win a profit from every outcome of a sporting event. For any sporting event, an arbitrage bet works by placing a bet on every possible outcome of the game (Win, Lose, or Draw) on different bookies, and making sure that you win a profit no matter which way the game goes. Surebets will also help you find which bookies offer the best odds so that you can choose the right bookmaker to get you a profit for your bets.

The key to a successful sure bet is finding the best odds that will give you a profit margin at the end of the sporting event.


Although there are several websites that offer sure bets, you would notice that they all have one thing in common: the Surebet calculator. A Surebet calculator will basically help you by doing all the heavy lifting for you. It will calculate the odds, and some calculators even help you find the right bookies to give you the best and most profitable odds. 

One thing that you notice with all Surebet calculators: they’re easy to use, simple, and designed in a way that even novice bettors can understand how to use them. It can be a bit overwhelming to use a Surebet calculator for a first-time punter, so there are actually websites that show you how to use them. There are even tutorials so that you can see you can use Surebet calculators, step by step. 

When you think about it, Surebet calculators actually need to be minimalistic and simple, so that people can focus on understanding the odds that they get from sure bets, and not waste time with any bells or whistles.

How Does SureBet work?

The simplest type of sure bet is the 2-way sure bet. Basically, you will be betting on only two definite outcomes in one game. For example, you have a basketball game that you’re interested in betting on.

Bookie #1 gives you 1.32 odds of Team A winning, and 3.77 odds of Team B winning. Here you have a 102.3% margin. Bookie # 2, on the other hand, gives you 1.41 odds of Team A winning, and 2.80 odds of Team B winning. For the second bookie, you have a 106.6% margin. Of course, you’re going to choose the bookie that will give you the better odds, so for Bookie #1, you’re going to bet on Team B winning, and for Bookie #2, you’re going to bet on Team A winning. Using the Surebet system, you will have an arbitrage opportunity margin of –97.45%, which means that you will get a 2.55% profit margin no matter the outcome. 

How Do I Make Money from SureBet?

It’s both easy and difficult to make money from SureBet. The easy part is that you’re going to be guaranteed a profit no matter how the game goes. However, the problem is that the profit margin can be pretty small, so you would need to bet large sums of money in order to make a significant profit. While sure bets do sound like a good thing, there can still be some things that can go wrong. There might be some mistakes with the book maker odds, the calculations given to you might be off, or you could have just have some bad luck when it comes to your sporting event. Surebets, despite their names, are not “sure bets”, so you still need to be a little careful when it comes to placing bets.

If you’re not sure how sure bets work, it would be safe to place only a small amount for your first few times, and look for games with only two outcomes (win-lose), so that you only need to place two bets with two different bookies. It won’t matter even if you only win a small amount; you need the practice to get a feel for placing sure bets.


Where can I find SureBet?

There are many sites online that teach you how to place sure bets, and even gives you a Surebet calculator to work with. You can find sites that are purely dedicated to surebets, such as, or sites that both teach you how to use a Surebet calculator and gives you access to one, such as Betburger. It would be a good idea to play around with different Surebet calculators, so that you can find which one works best for you.

Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to always make a profit in sporting events       
  • Easy to learn using a Surebet calculator


  • Different calculator might give you different odds      
  • You need to bet huge amounts to win significant money back   
  • Not 100%, fool-proof