Surebet Calculator

Taking the headache out of calculations, SureBet Calculator is your one-stop online website to help you crunch the numbers and understand the odds better.


Anyone who has ever tried online betting knows that the most difficult thing is understanding the odds, no matter the sporting event. What do all those numbers mean? Sure, it’s simple to calculate the odds when the game is as simple as win-lose between two teams such as basketball or volleyball, but what if there were more than two outcomes (such as in soccer or ice hockey), or what if there was lots of players involved, such as golf? How would you then calculate the odds? What’s more, how do you use these odds to triumph over the book makers and win yourself some cold, hard cash?

Well, thankfully, the SureBet calculator has removed that difficulty from your plate, leaving you more time to enjoy the game and wait for your desired outcome!


SureBet calculators are apps that are dedicated to making it easier for bettors to make a profit betting. They are also called arbitrage situation, or arb. There are many surebet calculators online, some of them existing as independent websites, and others existing as links from major casinos.


When you visit surebet calculator websites, you will notice one thing in common: they’re all easy to use, simple, and makes it as clear as possible for users. If you’re a first-time user of surebet calculators, you might find it a bit confusing. Thankfully, there are a number of websites that will also show you how to use surebet calculators, and even give you a step-by-step tutorial.

How Does a SureBet Calculator Work?

Using a surebet calculator, true to its name, gives you a “sure bet” by putting you in a situation where you can make a profit off of your betting regardless of the outcome of the game. You can achieve this by placing one bet per outcome on different betting companies. Basically, you’ll be playing both sides. 

When you use a surebet calculator, it will help you find which different book makers have the best odds for your preferred sporting event in order for you to bet on and make a profit, no matter which way the game goes. Book makers will compete with each other to give odds as high as possible, so you can use the surebet calculator to find the two book makers with the best odds for each possible outcome, and place a bet on each.

The simplest type of surebet is called the 2-way arb, wherein there are only two possible outcomes for two teams. If one team wins, the other one will surely lose. For example, if there is a UEFA Europe League game where Fenerbahce will play against Borussia. Bookie A sets out odds of TO2.5 @ 2.02, while Bookie B sets –TU2.5 @ 2.06. If you wager $50.49 on Bookie A’s odds, and $49.51 on Bookie B’s odds, you will have a guaranteed profit of $1.99, no matter the outcome of the match and you can also use the calculator.

This ratio of secure revenue to invested money is called the arb’s percent. If you bet more with your initial bets, you can profit more with the arb’s percent.

How accurate are SureBet Calculators?

It’s hard to say whether surebet calculators are truly accurate, and indeed, if they did have 100% accuracy and will always turn a profit for players, then most bettors would just keep using them in order to make money! However, since there are different surebet calculators all over the Internet, it could be hard to find the perfect surebet calculator for you to use.

The best way to find the most appropriate surebet calculator for you is the old-fashioned way: by trying them out! If you’re having a bit of trouble, make sure that you take the time to do a little research and see which surebet calculator would work best.


Value Rating

Surebet calculators are only one type of betting calculators online, and while they do take a huge chunk out of the calculation process, they’re not completely risk-free. There will still be human error, mistakes by bookies, and even just a run of bad luck during the games- there are still a lot of things that can go wrong and you won’t get the outcome you want, even though you’re using a surebet calculator.

However, surebet calculators are still very convenient and reasonably accurate, especially if you don’t like doing the math to figure out the numbers of margin and profit. Using a surebet calculator will give you the chance to calculate arbitrage bets with a number of selections, and you can find the best odds with different bookies easily.

Pros and Cons


  • Will increase the times you win a profit       
  • Easily calculates the odds       
  • Lets you find the best bookmaker odds to bet with


  • Different surebet calculators might give you different odds       
  • You need to invest quite a bit of money to make a signifcant profit using arbitrage betting