Free Bet No Deposit

Free bet no deposit options are a great way to get a feel for a certain casino’s games without having to deposit real money.


If you’re unsure whether or not you want to play the games for a certain online casino, you won’t have to worry if you can avail of a free bet no deposit option! These days, more and more of the major casinos are offering this option in order to allow people to try their games without having to commit any money or their financial information. This option leaves people feeling more satisfied and confident with a certain website, because they can try the offered gambling options without feeling trapped or stuck with the website.

Here are Betting Mafia, we can help you find which online casino websites are the best for you! You won’t have to visit each site individually; we’ll help you compare the free bet no deposit, the welcoming bonus, and other amazing bonuses and perks that online casinos offer to find your perfect match.

What are Free Bets, No Deposit?

Free bets, no deposit are pretty self-explanatory: they’re risk-free credits that are placed into your account when you decide to play with a certain casino. You can actually use these credits to play specific games (usually slots, but there are other online casinos where you can use the free bets to play card or table games). 

Free bets with no deposit is a quick and easy way to determine whether or not you like how the gameplay of a certain online casino works. You won’t have to commit any actual money, and with some sites, you won’t even need to verify your account! All you need is to sign up with your email, and you’re good to go.

Which Sites Offer Free Bets, No Deposit?

If you’re wondering how you can avail of free bets no deposit offers, you’re in luck! Most of the larger book maker sites, and even some of the small ones, offer this kind of bonus in order to entice people to play on their website. Major online casino sites such as William Hill, Betfair, and 888Casino all offer free bets no deposit bonuses for their first-time punters.

Even though they all offer free bets no deposit bonuses, they are not all the same. Some online casinos offer only around $5, while some can go as high as $10! We can help you find the best free bet no deposit offers here at Betting Mafia, so that you won’t need to scour through each website to find the best bonus.

How Can I Avail of Free Bets, No Deposit?

You can avail of the free bets no deposit bonus by following the rules for each website. Always make sure to read the FAQ before you sign up with any website! You’ll know how to avail of the free bets no deposit bonus, as well as all the other available bonuses, and you can also avoid any hidden charges or clauses that you might accidentally fall into if you don’t read the FAQ.

At 888Casino, for example, all first-time bettors will get a $10 free bet no deposit bonus credited to their account, while at KingCasino, you’ll get a free £10 free bet no deposit bonus because it’s an online casino based in the UK. Here at Betting Mafia, we’ll help you find the best online casino that operates in your country, and will give you the best free bet no deposit bonus available.

Can I Make Actual Money from Free Bets, No Deposit?

It’s actually possible to make actual money from the free bets no deposit bonus, however, it’s not as simple as signing up, playing a few games, and then immediately cashing out your winnings. You would actually need to increase your purse to a certain number before you are able to cash out your winnings. The amount would depend on which online casino you’re playing on. 


How Do I Keep my Winnings from Free Bets, No Deposit?

It’s possible to keep your winnings from free bets no deposit bonuses, and considering that it really gives your first bets a huge boost in terms of value, it’s only fair that you would want to withdraw your winnings! However, you would need to follow the rules that each online casino has in place in order to keep your winnings.

In general, there are two things that you would need to do in order to keep your winnings from free bets no deposit bonuses. First, you would actually need to deposit actual money into your electronic wallet. Generally, it’s at least the minimum amount of $10. 

Second, you would need to actually play your money (along with the credits from your free bet no deposit bonus) and increase it to a certain amount. Most online casinos would ask that you increase your wallet to around 100x your initial deposit (so if you deposited $10, you would need to win at least $1000 before you can cash out your winnings). Other times, you would need to play it through a certain number of times (30x, for example), before you can cash out whatever amount you have left in your electronic wallet. Here at Betting Mafia, we can help you find the easiest way to keep your winnings by comparing the rules of different online casinos quickly and easily.

Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to play casino games for free       
  • You can keep your winnings      
  • Risk-free; you don’t need to input your money or financial information


  • You need to win a certain amount before you can cash out your winnings      
  • You can only use the free bet credits for certain games