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Horse Racing System

Horse racing systems explained

Since the conception of betting games, there has been a need for man to find that one strategy that would break the game- resulting in a winning scenario for the player every time. The grand sport of horse racing wasn’t an exception to this. A lot of people have taken to optimize the betting scenario by studying horse performance, jockey ability, terrain, winning streaks, along with several other factors so they can always assure a winning bet.

horse racing system1

If this sounds too good to be true, well maybe because it is. After all, if an always-win solution for betting games has been discovered, then casinos, bookkeepers, and online dealers would have closed shop a long time ago.  That’s not to say that systems haven’t been tried and successfully implemented before. Like how counting cards were developed for Blackjack, numerous strategies were also created to maximize winning in horse races.

The problem is that these systems are too complicated just for a casual player to take in; and requires a lot of preparation, studying, and dedication to consistently pull off. Oh, and they don’t always work either. To set realistic expectations, think of horse racing systems as templates which are there to increase your chances of winning under certain parameters. Ultimately, developing and sticking to a winning system involves plenty of studying, but also a lot of on-the-fly judgment by the punter.

The great debate: Do horse racing systems actually work?

The opinions involved around horse racing systems and if they work or not are quite polarizing. There are those who swear that they work and have helped them win loads of cash, and there are those who dismiss them outright. The truth to this debate is often found in the middle. Horse racing systems will always have a chance to succeed and fail but put enough time in studying and tweaking available systems, then you’ll start to see the trend favoring more successes than failures. For the rest of this article, we’re going to give the important points to remember when choosing or using your preferred racing system, and also a few tips to help you optimize the way you bet.

How to make a horse racing system work for you

If you’re looking to elevate the way you bet, then keep the following lessons to heart: 

Patience and healthy skepticism is key

Most people who continuously fail in racing systems do so because of two specific reasons: lack of patience, and too much faith.  If you search the keyword “horse racing system” online right now, you’ll get links to so many websites which give supposedly “proven” systems that work each time. These offers will also promise a massive profit in a matter of days. Do not make the mistake of believing that these systems work 100%.

At the very most, these should only be used as references to further fine tune your own system, or give you an insight into what aspects of the system work and which don’t. Once you’ve thought of a great idea for a system, experiment with it several times. Always look at the smallest details and make adjustments accordingly. Ideally, you have to be making realizations at the end of each race you bet on so you can better tweak your system. This takes a lot of time and can be quite frustrating before it actually bears fruit, so just be patient and smart about how you go about this.

Odds and trends are always changing- so should your system

As mentioned earlier, developing and sticking to a system requires dedication. You have to accept that your system won’t work forever, so it needs to constantly and dynamically evolve depending on the season and the current trends. Most people fall for this mistake- wherein they get surprised that the strategy that helped them win bets for so long suddenly doesn’t work anymore.

This is normal and should be approached calmly and methodically. If your system is starting to show cracks, you should know how to break it down into smaller parts and figure out what’s causing it to fail.  Like a plant, you should nurture your racing system every day. Keep adding valuable input into it. Pluck out unwanted odds like weeds, and it will continue to give you that profitable fruit.

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Harness the power of technology and crunch those numbers!

A system that works is usually a system that looks complicated and boring. It involves a lot of statistical data and mathematical analysis to keep running. Decades ago, punters would have to manually map out in paper or in their minds the details of their racing systems. This method, apart from being tedious, is also prone to a lot of human error. Lucky for you, the rise in technology also brought with it the creation of several tools and algorithms that gather racing data in huge amounts, all in real-time. Let technology help you in harvesting data, and all that’s left is for you to use your intuition and judgment to spot possible winning trends to add to your system.

A few closing thoughts

Horse racing systems are for those people who want to dedicate a huge amount of time into optimizing a strategy which significantly ups their chances of winning bets. They have a high learning curve, and they take time to be fully developed. Once you find that winning system, however, is when the fun really starts and the rewards come pouring in. Make it a habit to nurture this system every day, and also have the resolve to discard it once it doesn’t work anymore.

 If you want to start developing your own racing system, the best place to start will be to look at existing systems and see how they work or don’t work. Betting Mafia is an established platform which has several racing systems optimized for each trend you want to explore. Experiment on these systems until you get a good feel of what works for you. Winning systems only pay off if you invest your time and attention to detail on them.