What is a Trixie bet and how does it work

Introduction to Trixie Bets

A Trixie bet is a special type of bet. It lets you bet on three different choices. If only one wins, you don’t lose the entire bet. This type of wager is commonly used for horse racing. It can also be used for other sports.

Let’s take a closer look at Trixie bets and how they work.

Definition of a Trixie Bet

A Trixie bet is a full cover multiple bet based on three selections. It has four individual bets, two doubles, and one treble. All selections must win to get a return. It’s a popular bet type as it combines three bets with one stake. If two selections are successful, there will be a return.

There are twice as many winning combinations in a Trixie Bet than in a double bet. It offers more value than a single or double, and at least a return should be obtained if two of the three selections are successful.

  • If only one selection wins, the original stake will be returned.
  • If all selections win, returns from all four bets will be included in the profits. Returns for each winning selection will include the original stake. For example, 1/4 odds multiplied by 4 equals 1 times 4, making total profit 4, including the original stake.

How to Place a Trixie Bet

A Trixie bet is a multiple bet with a single stake. When you place it, you must choose at least three selections. If two of them win, the punter gets their stake back.

The Trixie consists of four bets:

  1. two singles, each with one selection;
  2. one double, made up of two selections;
  3. one treble, with all three selections;
  4. one accumulator, also known as an ‘All Up’ or ‘Parley’, which is all three selections combined in one multiple bet.

Any two or more of your bets that have the correct outcome will give you a return. The return varies depending on how many combinations won. For example, if two selections win, you will get double the stake amount; if all three win, you will get eight times the stake. The bookmaker will refund any losses from unsuccessful combinations, so you don’t lose anything.

Types of Trixie Bets

A Trixie? What’s that? It’s a combination of three bet types! You make two or three choices and it’s made up of four different combinations. Punters like it ’cause you can get more back with a lower stake.

Let’s talk about the different types of Trixie bets and how they work. Ready? Here we go!

Single Trixie Bet

A Single Trixie Bet includes three selections. All must win for the bet to payout. It is made up of four individual bets – three doubles and one treble.

The selection consists of three parts. If two selections win, two of the four bets will be successful. This gives a slightly reduced payout compared to a treble but more chances of success.

For example, if you select Manchester United to win, Arsenal to draw and Liverpool to lose, you can place a Trixie Bet. The four bets are:

  1. Manchester United Win/Arsenal Draw
  2. Manchester United Win/Liverpool Lose
  3. Arsenal Draw/Liverpool Lose
  4. Treble – Manchester United Win/Arsenal Draw/Liverpool Lose

The Single Trixie Bet requires at least two selections with odds greater than 1/4 (1.25). Each selection must be from different events or markets at different venues. This can improve profits or lead to multiple wins from one stake amount.

Double Trixie Bet

A Double Trixie bet is made of four selections. It is split into three doubles and one treble. To get a return, two selections must be successful. The three doubles are calculated first. If two of the selections win, two of the three doubles will have won. This guarantees a return, no matter the treble result.

To work out the stake for a Double Trixie bet, multiply your stake by 3. This is because you are placing 4 bets. For example, a £5 Double Trixie bet would equal £15. This can be split as:

  • 4 x £3
  • 3 x £5

To receive any returns, at least 2 results must be successful of the chosen selections.

Treble Trixie Bet

A Treble Trixie bet is a great option for punters wishing to boost their potential winnings. It involves placing four wagers on three different selections; three doubles and one treble. It’s a bit more complex than other forms of accumulators. But, if your selections come in, you could get big rewards!

How it works: You place four bets on three picks. Three are doubles and one is a treble. If two of your selections win, you get returns in the form of double stakes. If all three win, you get your full returns, which include the amount staked, double stakes of each double, plus the treble stake of the treble.

This kind of wager is ideal if you know what you’re betting on and think you know the outcome. Or, if you think you might get lucky with one or two picks. But, it does come with risk. Yet, it can bring huge rewards if you’re successful.

Calculating Your Trixie Bet Winnings

A Trixie bet is a well-known sports wager. It is betting on three selections. Each one is a single bet. Plus, there are four doubles and one treble. So, the total cost to make a Trixie bet is seven times the initial stake.

Let’s take a look at how it works and also how to calculate winnings:

Single Trixie Bet Winnings

A single Trixie bet is a special bet, made of three doubles and one treble. It consists of four selections, creating seven bets in total. If two of the selections win, you will get a return. To get the highest returns, all four must win.

Calculating profits from a single Trixie bet is easy. Multiply the stake by the odds of each selection, then add them together. For example, if two selections are 5/1 and one is 10/1, the combined odds are 15/1. Deduct any bookmaker’s commission rates. This will reduce the winnings or potential profit from the bet.

Check with some bookmakers like Paddy Power for enhanced returns. You may get more than the normally published prices for your single Trixie bet.

Double Trixie Bet Winnings

A double Trixie bet is when you choose three selections and make seven bets from them. This bet covers three doubles and a treble. If all three selections win, you win all seven bets.

If two of the selections win, you get four times your stake back.

For example, if a punter stakes £10 on selections A, B and C, and A and B win but C loses, they will get a total return of £40. This consists of:

  • two winning doubles bets (£10 x 2 at 4/1)
  • one losing single bet (£10 at 1/1).

Treble Trixie Bet Winnings

A Treble Trixie bet is a full cover bet which contains four bets over three choices. At least two selections must win to earn a return. Calculate your winnings with these steps:

  1. Multiply the stake for each single selection by 3.
  2. Count up the number of winning selections.
  3. Use the table below:
    • No Winners = Stake Returned
    • 1 Winner = Double Stake Returned
    • 2 Winners = Quadruple Stake Returned
    • 3 Winners = Sevenfold Stake Returned
  4. Multiply the outcome with your total stake to work out your winnings/losses.

Tips for Placing Trixie Bets

A Trixie Bet is a popular wager for horse racing fans. It’s made of four different bets: three doubles and one treble. All must be successful to turn a profit. With a small stake, Trixie Bets offer punters the chance to make a return on their initial outlay.

Want to know how to place a successful Trixie Bet? Here are some helpful tips!

Research Your Selections

Researching is essential for any Trixie bet. You need to do research for a successful Trixie bet. Make sure to have 3 selections. Base your choices on evidence. Research individual events. Analyze past matches, odds and market prices. This data can help you decide who to back in the Trixie bet. Look at favorites and underdogs. Check correlations between selections. See if they perform together. Evaluate all data when betting on a Trixie with multiple markets, such as football or horse racing.

Monitor Your Bets

When placing a Trixie bet, monitor the odds of each selection carefully. If you wait too long, favorable prices won’t be available and your potential returns will suffer.

Bookmakers often adjust prices as a match or race gets underway. This could reduce your risk without any effort on your part.

Compare odds on different betting sites. Take into account the commission rates or taxes each site charges to assess how much you might win. Make sure to compare all aspects before you decide where to place your wager.

Use Odds Comparison Sites

Checking an odds comparison website is great for finding the best value when doing Trixie bets. Prices can vary with multiple players, so it’s key to shop around and make sure you’re getting the best deal for each leg.

To make betting most worthwhile, look at all markets before choosing a selection. That way you compare prices and don’t pay too much. Plus, take into account bonuses and promotions as they could reduce the amount of money staked and increase your profits.

Research and use odd comparison tools to ensure your Trixie bets are as profitable as can be – do your due diligence before placing any Trixies!


To finish off, Trixie bets can be tricky but can also pay off! When you make a successful Trixie bet, the returns are higher than what you get from single or double bets. You need to know what you’re doing and have a plan to get the most out of this great wager.

If you want to bet on boxing, it’s important to study each fight and its fighters. This will help you get the most out of your Trixie bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is a Trixie bet?

Answer 1: A Trixie bet is a type of multiple bet consisting of four separate selections, three of which must win for the bet to be successful. It is a full cover bet, meaning it covers singles, doubles, and trebles.

Question 2: How does a Trixie bet work?

Answer 2: A Trixie bet is made up of three selections, each of which must win in order to be successful. It consists of four separate bets: three doubles and one treble. If one selection loses, the bet is lost, but if two or more selections win, the returns will cover the cost of the bet, and any additional winnings will be returned as profit.

Question 3: What are the advantages of a Trixie bet?

Answer 3: A Trixie bet is a great way to get started with advanced betting. It is a low-risk, full cover bet, meaning it covers singles, doubles, and trebles. It also allows you to spread your stake across multiple selections, meaning you can minimize your risk and maximize your potential returns.