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Bonus on Golf Betting

Get the best value for your money with these amazing bonus on golf betting offers as you enjoy an exciting time placing bets and winning big money on top golfing tournaments!

Golf betting is rapidly becoming one of the most popular sports betting events on many major sports betting sites. The love for golf betting began during the glory years of golf superstar Tiger Woods, and today the star power is carried on by the likes of Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy. Many punters consider golf betting a bit more difficult compared to other sports because of the difficulty when it comes to predicting the outcomes of games, but this translates to bigger prize pots. 

Aside from the thrill of finding great odds and the excitement of winning huge possible cash pools, another reason why more and more people are getting into golf sports betting is because of the many different offers for amazing bonuses. Combine that with some good golf betting systems and you are in for some handsome rewards.


Common Golf Betting Bonuses

One of the ways that bookmakers entice players on place bets on their websites is by offering an attractive bonus on golf betting. There are several different types of bonuses available. One type is the matching bonus, where these websites will give you a percentage match value proportional to your first bet. Most sites will offer a 100% bet, while some offer as high as 200%.

Another type of bonus on golf betting is the money back bet, which means that you can get a small percentage of your bet back if you place money on a losing bet. This percentage can range anywhere form 3%-5%, depending on which website offers this bonus. 

Finally, some bookmakers, especially the larger ones, offer enhanced or accumulated odds. Enhanced odds will dramatically boost your winnings based on different accumulators, such as the “Acca insurance”. For example, if you have a 5-fold golf parlay and you missed one prediction, this normally means that you have lost your bet. However, if you opted for Acca insurance, you can still be a winner even if you missed one bet. You normally have to place a higher deposit in order to qualify for Acca insurance.

Golf Betting Free Bets

The most common bonus on golf betting comes in the form of free bets. Free bets basically function as “free money” on sports betting website, although you will be unable to withdraw them in cash form unless you pay them through a certain number of times, or you reach a certain amount in your account (including your deposit). What’s more, this bonus on golf betting promotions is only available for new players.

In general, the bigger the betting site, the bigger the free bet amount that you will find. For example, Parasino and Titan Bet offer £25 worth of free bets, Goal Bet and 18Bet offer £50, while huge sites such as William Hill and Tony Bet offer around £100 worth of free bets. However, there are websites that offer truly mind-blowing amounts of free bets for their high rollers, such as 10Bet’s £200 free bet bonus, or the £800 bonus at SportsBetting. 

How to Claim Your Bonus on Golf Betting

Claiming your bonus on golf betting depends on the policies of each website, and may differ from one provider to another. Some websites require a unique promo code that needs to be used when you sign up for your account. Betfred, for example, required new punters to use the promo code “SPORTS60”. You may also need to place a minimum amount for your first bet in order to qualify for the bonus on golf betting, as well as place bets on specific odds. At Betfair and Paddy Power Bets, for example, you need to place a minimum bet of £10 at odds of at least 1.2. Finally, other sites will place a validity limit on your free bets, such as the 4-day limit at Coral Free Bet. You need to read the terms and conditions thoroughly on each betting site in order to know how you can qualify for your bonus on golf betting.


Where to use Your Free Bets

The biggest events in golf sports betting are without a doubt the four PGA major tournaments. If possible, this is where you should use your bonus on golf betting in order to better your chances of winning the big prize pools. 

The Masters happens every year in April, and is played at the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia. As one of the most popular golfing events, this is where the biggest cash prizes can be won, but also where the biggest odds happen. 

The US Open allows both men and women to compete, and you can place bets on both professionals and talented amateurs. This is an exciting golfing tournament to place bets on, especially if you love watching the most exciting players compete. This is also where tournament upsets and long-shot odds can pay off!

Even events such as the Ryder Cup and the Olympics can be great events to use your free bets on. Since they are seasonal events, they won’t occur every year, but when they do, the prize pools are also significant. 

Value Rating

Bonuses on golf betting are a great way pump up the value of your first deposit, and if you already have a specific player or tournament that you have a good feeling on, they are a great way to win bigger! You should take the time to check out the different bonuses offered by the biggest sports betting sites in order to pick the one that you feel will benefit you the most.