Golf Betting Tips

Golf betting tips will help you pick and choose the best bets that will give you the best odds in any golfing game or tournament!

When it comes to golf betting, it’s not as easy as picking a random name out of a hat (even if you think you’re betting on the best players in a particular tournament), and hoping for the best. If you actually want to make some money from golf betting, you need to know how to understand the odds for each tournament and each player. Golf betting tips will help you make those smart, informed bets. 


Golf betting tips will not only make you a better golf bettor, but it will also make both golf betting and watching golf games more enjoyable!


Imagine if you could have a little adviser helping you understand all the different aspects of a certain golf tournament, and how you could use this knowledge to better your betting position! This is how golf betting tips work: they will help you pick the best bets possible for a particular golf game.

Betting Mafia will help you find the right golf betting tips for the tournaments and players that you’re interested in, so that you can pump up your betting game, and you can enjoy watching golf games a little bit more. After all, who wouldn’t love to watch a golf game, knowing that you have a chance to win big money at the end of the tournament?

How do Golf Betting Tips Work?

Golf betting tips are basically small, easily digestible breakdowns of both current and speculative events in golf. With so many events happening all over the world at any given time, for both professional and amateur tournaments, and with so many players in the game, it can be hard to follow the games as they’re happening. What’s more, if you’re not an avid follower of the sport, it can also be hard to speculate about the probabilities of the outcomes of each game.

Golf betting tips take out the stress and difficulty of having to follow each game and each individual player, and even the headache of having to calculate the odds for yourself. You can find out how a certain player performed in a particular tournament, and the odds of them performing in your desired outcome for an upcoming tournament. 

Who are the Tipsters?

Tipsters are the affectionate nickname given to the professionals that run golf betting tip sites. They are people who are “in the know” when it comes to golf games, and they are the ones who are giving their professional opinions when it comes to golf betting tips. They can be retired professional golfers, online book makers, or even passionate golf lovers who gives golf betting tips to other punters. You can usually find them writing for major sports betting sites, but there are also some who run their own golf betting tip sites.

Where Can I find the Best Golf Betting Tips?

In general, you can find the best golf betting tips as affiliate links to sports betting sites. They work as affiliate links so that they can provide golf betting tips for golf punters, making it easy for them to just head back to the sports booking site and place their bets. The major sports betting sites have their own golf betting tips that correspond to the odds that their own book makers give, so you might find different tips on different sites.

If you’re having trouble choosing the best site for golf betting tips, Betting Mafia can help you compare what each site offers. You can compare how updated each site is, and how good the odds they offer on each player are.


Which are the Best Tournaments to bet On?

The best thing about golf betting is that there is always a tournament to bet on, but the most lucrative tournaments are the big guns. The PGA Tour, the USA PGA Championship, the US Masters, and the Ryder Cup are the biggest tournaments in golf, and this is where the biggest upsets happen. This is also where the biggest prize pots can be won! Using golf betting tips, you can play the odds, and choose both smart bets and long-shot bets. 

Betting Mafia can help you find which tournaments, players, and even single betting options you can place your money on so that you can make a profit!

Pros and Cons


  • Lots of golf betting tips available       
  • Golf betting tips give you an edge for betting       
  • You will understand the odds better


  • Different sites might give different odds on the same players       
  • It might be difficult to understand for newbies and amateurs