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Since Android devices have a number of applications to access live content online. There are less chances for PC users to do so, however. Keep in mind that right here we are coming up with an application called ThopTV for PC.

All your Windows computers will support this. Such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP. In addition, for smooth installation of 32 bit and 64-bit EXE files, there are different files.

You are just landing on this tab, containing all of the relative details for ThopTV Apps. So you’ll have the tutorials, their main features and free downloads in place. So let’s start learning how to use ThopTV for PC in the down section and how to download or instal?

And what’s Thoptv?

Basically, this app refers to Live TV’s damnation. With about 300 plus TV channels, one can access and go live. Much of it is for watching television and play racing and bets from India and even internationally.

Not only can you access TV channels, but you can access entertainment in any way. From your house, to feel comfortable and enjoy many ways during these days of quarantine.

Because of the current situation, cricket , football, and so many others can play live sports without an audience. It means that there will be no fans cheering for their famous players on the pitch. That’s bad, because of the COVID-19 crisis that we’re going through.

So this doesn’t mean you’re not going to love your favourite sports and your team will play sports. That is only possible with a beautiful application like that. You can now browse games, sports, live score updates and much more from your home.

We can browse live TV, watch movies, stream sports, get updates, dramas, and TV shows, thanks to the developers of this application. Within one platform, all this will be ready and also available for Windows and MAC Android PCs.

ThopTV for PC Main Features

There are a lot of features in the framework we are trying to describe here. The app comes with regular updates and introduces new features that are unbeatable. It is not possible for all of them to be listed here. But we try to clarify the main / key stuff in your acknowledgment from there to approx.

  • Live TV channels from 100 plus foreign countries and from India.
  • In different languages, material.
  • The HD videos can be enjoyed and the audio quality is highly skilled as well.
  • Watch movies-latest updates to get newly released movies on a daily basis.
  • Drama series with complete episodes consistently in full HD.
  • Anytime and from anywhere, access to your preferred TV shows.


This version of Thoptv can be supported for Windows PCs. You can try it on your laptop or on your desktop computer. In their area of concern, we also shared the Android version of Thoptv APK and Thoptv for MAC.

Connect to Direct Download

This is a direct download and includes a software kit based on Windows. You initially download the ZIP file, then you can find Thoptv 32bit EXE or thoptv 64 bit EXE inside that file. What edition of Windows you use is up to you.

Download Latest Version for PC

For Windows Without Bluestacks, Thoptv

This is the official download, so you can use Thoptv without Bluestacks or any other emulator for PCs. There are so many websites that show how to use Thoptv on your PC using this tool. But unfortunately, right now, that way is not working and you don’t expect to use it anyway.

PC Name of ThopTV

Windows 32bit & 64bit Support for All

48 Mbs file size 64 Mbs 65 Mbs

FILE ZIP Sort EXE Portable Applications

The Thoptv website

Photo for ThopTV Screenshots

So you have selected the correct direction for your current windows. The installation is quite simple now, as it is simple and very instantaneous.
Video Tutorial How to instal ThopTV on Windows PC

Install ThopTV On PC Windows – Video Tutorial